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easy to get Blockchain.

MNC is a flawless service to create a new blockchain in few hours. With Zero Knowledge and efforts, you get a fully functional Blockchain.

MNC is a service offered by CoinWebFactory and it is master in creation of new blockchains no matter if crypto currency bound or business model oriented. MNC will create and implement your blockchain in your upcoming or existing venture with zero errors and feature rich powers.

CWF Solutions

Select Your Package

We not just provide a new blockchain creation service at the best price, we also provide 100% solution to everything blockchain.

POS / POW / Hybrid blockchain

Get a fresh Blockchain with just POW or just POS or both combined features. Your new blockchain will be setup on your VPS. You will receive:

1- New Blockchain
2- Windows / Linux Wallets
3- 1 Hardcoded Seed
4- Mining Pools Listing
5- Best in class Support
6- Premine of your Choice


Blockchain Add-ons

Got a blockchain already? Let’s enhance it with our high end add-ons. You can choose any one or a combination from the following add-ons:

1- Web Wallet + Android Wallet
2- iOS Wallet (App Store Published)
3- Explorer with added features
4- Clean Exploits from your chain
5- Whitepaper + Podcasts + Writes
6- Basic Social Promotion


Masternode / PIVX Clone

Get a fresh PIVX 3.1 fork with POS+Masternode features. Choose static MN Collateral or changing collateral depending on MN Count or Block number. Comes with Graphical qt + web wallet and explorer.

1- New Blockchain
2- Windows / Linux Wallets
3- 3 Hardcoded Seeds / Spork
4- One-Click MN Install Script
5- Explorer with MN Map


That’s not all. If you need anything else like ERC20 tokens or an exchange, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We are known for best after sales support so you do not need to be an expert to get a new blockchain. Just buy one and let us handle it for you.

CoinWebFactory Initiative

CWF is working on preparing the world’s best solution of digital finance assets. The upcoming CWF project will resolve major issues in blockchain based financial assets and make it worth mass adoption. Stay tuned.

Sale Starts

Apr 1, 2019 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

100,000 CWF (1%)

Sale Ends

Apr 30, 2019 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

0.5 Bitcoin (BTC) = 2500 CWF Tokens

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

15 ETH/ 0.5 BTC/ 50 LTC

CWF Tokens goes public after
pre-sale soft cap bonus
Prebooking Closed

The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


CWF Mobile App

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global marketplace with CWF Apps.

CWF apps are feature rich platforms which provides you secure and specific control over your assets and digital investments. Beside the control, our apps just let you stake or mine various digital assets provided the chain offers the same.

  • Multi-layered security to keep your assets safe
  • Scan and Make payments on the Go
  • Complex address book and identification
  • Wallet aggregation
  • Merchant’s friendly tools
  • No more expensive fees

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a storm of questions in your mind. Very natural. We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions here for you, however if you have something else in your mind, please feel free to write to us or contact directly into our discord.

What is CoinWebFactory?

CWF is a leading blockchain creation service since 2016. We have released over 200 new coins in past two years and most of them are performing excellent!

How long does it take to build a blockchain?

It usually takes few hours, but we ask for 24 hours due to international timing. Your blockchain will be tested for few hours before handing over to you.

Do you accept coins from my new blockchain?

We respect your project and wish it to be the most successful but unfortunately, we only accept BTC, ETH or LTC for payment. No hard feelings please.

Can I pay in two parts?

Yes! CWF generally accepts payments in two parts, half of the payment should be paid at the time of order and remaining 50% at the time of delivery.

Which coin do you fork to create a new blockchain?

CWF has created it's own code by mixing many error free codes into one. We have tested it to be robust and hard to exploit.

Are you able to add 'Dev Funds' in my blockchain?

Yes, You can receive a permanent share of each block's reward in your developer's wallet address. We will hand over you the wallet keys of your dev funds.

Which version of PivX do you use in your clone?

We use the latest PivX 3.1 so that your coin can be easily added to all exchanges or platforms and is safe from all known threats.

Will my blockchain be effected with any exploit?

We have tested our code and patched it for 100% of known exploits so far. Even if some new exploit arises, we are here to patch your running chain.

What is the CWF Token or Project?

CWF Token will be a financial asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can purchase CWF tokens and earn rewards by building a masternode.

Can I purchase CWF Tokens now?

No. CWF tokens sale will open after the days shown above. If you want to participate as a root investor with a minimum of 10 BTC, please talk to us.

Where will CWF token be listed for exchange?

We are going to list it to 5 of the well known exchanges to approach maximum people for mass adoption. Primary target is Binance Exchange.

What is the primary use case of CWF tokens?

CWF Token will be the primary currency of MakeNewCoin.com and other CWF initiatives. This will also be the base of exchange into all of CWF coins.

Who are your major clients?

At least 10 out of top 100 coins listed at Masternodes.online is created by CWF. However we are unable to disclose their name due to privacy.

Why are you not able to disclose names of your clients?

CWF respects the privacy of our clients because Most of them are not very much technical but for their community, they are the developers.

Does CWF owns or partners in any projects?

Yes, CWF is proudly a part of PEPS Coin, IndiNode Asset, HASH Coin, PENG Coin, Shares, ViBook Coin and few more.

Do you add client's code to your github?

No. We only add source to our github when client allows us to. We upload codes to client's own github when they ask us to.

Where is CoinWebFactory located?

CoinWebFactory is located in Malaysia. Our team is open to travel and meet clients overseas so you can invite us to your hometown.

Is there any guarantee for my blockchain success?

Sorry. We just create the blockchain with best of the technology. You need to take care of it's survival or success.

How do I secure my blockchain from CWF itself?

There is no need. We will hand over you all wallet.dat along with all keys and vps access. You can change everything before you go live.

Can we meet you and pay in fiat currency for my blockchain?

Of course you can meet us. Unfortunately, we do not accept any fiat currency but only the BTC / ETH / LTC coins.


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